Gravel Driveway Maintenance FAQ

Should I Groom my Gravel or buy new gravel?

  • It’s likely you already have enough gravel, it’s just too pressed down in your drive. With our Gravel Grooming grader, we are able to return buried gravel to the top while ridding your drive of its weeds. Customers tell us that when they dump new gravel on old drives, the weeds and uneven areas reappear quickly. Grooming directly attacks these problems, and leaves a beautiful finish.

How is Gravel Grooming done?

  • We are so proud of our American-made Groomers. Our proprietary equipment scrapes through your existing gravel, destroying weeds and leaving a beautiful, even surface.

How much does it cost?

  • Our 3-Visit Grooming Packages are just $99 each visit*, up to 1,000 feet of drive! That much new gravel costs upwards of $2,000! We Groom your Gravel in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, keeping it beautiful all year. We’ve tested and found that weeds HATE Gravel Groomers, and the more we come back, the less they grow. Our happiest customers choose our 3-Visit Grooming Package, because it keeps their drives looking great, year-round–at a fraction of the cost of new gravel.

*regional pricing varies.

Can I get my Gravel Groomed just once?

  • Yes, we provide off-contract, 1-Visit Groomings for $174. (Hint: two of these visits costs more than our 3-Visit Package. Groom smart!)

How often do I need my Gravel Groomed?

  • This varies. But like your lawn, you can tell if it’s been neglected… One Grooming each season (Spring, Summer, Fall) is typical but some may need more. You’ll know when it needs it, and if that happens before your next scheduled grooming, call and we can adjust our visits: (800) 811-7887.

How can I pay?

  • We accept all major credit cards or checks.

Do you remove weeds?

  • Yes. 95% of our customers ask us this. We cannot remove all weed roots–but our regular visits will keep your weeds at bay, and even decrease their regrowth over time.

What about my potholes / ruts?

  • Yes. We can scrape down to the bottom of most potholes & ruts, so they won’t resurface as quickly. If you have a sinking drive however, or if rainwater gushes along your drive, your issues will recur. We suggest our budget-friendly 3-Visit Grooming Package for you.

Are all gravel surfaces Groom-able?

  • If it is Gravel, we Groom it! Driveways, parking lots, country roads/lanes, etc. Our minimum width is 8 feet (the width of our equipment).
    If, however, any larger sized (2″ or fist-sized) rocks are showing through your smaller surface gravel, we warn that these large rocks may be brought up to the surface. We should talk to you about a special case like this before service.

How do I become a Gravel Groomer?

Easy. Click here.