About Gravel Groomers

We are a national service company that specializes in gravel driveway and parking lot repair using our specialized gravel grooming equipment. Our company makes your gravel driveway or parking lot look like new again without the costs of new gravel using our proprietary grooming technology, and we perform our service at an affordable price.

There is no need to purchase new gravel to repair your gravel driveway or gravel parking lot. We can make yours look like brand new again and for a fraction of new gravel cost. We are one of the most unique and fastest growing service companies in the country today because of the niche market that we serve. We are adding operators around the country to serve a larger market, and if you are interested in either our service or becoming a Gravel Groomer Operator either part-time or full-time please let us know.

Thanks again for visiting our website. We strive to make every gravel driveway and parking lot that we repair look like new again without bumps or potholes.